Top 5 upcoming indies to look out for

EGX 2018 indie preview games, listed in detail in order from left to right

• Above (scheduled to release 2019 to PC and consoles)

The scope of adventure is only limited by its scale, and it’s a balance that ‘Above’ achieves beautifully. Your small plane flys circles around a vast and unforgiving sea with only a retractable hook and various other small supplies for assistance as you start to explore deeper into an unexpected  supernatural disappearance. The plane is a joy to fly and the colors and size of the world to explore is something to look forward to.

• Away: Journey to the Unexpected (scheduled for release in June 2018 on PC and consoles)

The familiar style of Akira Toriyama (of Dragon Ball fame) is lovely adapted to this quirky and intriguing first person 3D escapade. The world is lush and vibrant, pairing nicely with the unique 2D sprites of characters and enemies. There’s still plenty to learn about this upcoming release as information has been kept close to the chest but if initial preview builds are any indication, ‘Away’ is a charming and surprisingly deep adventure to keep an eye on.

• For the King (Currently in early access on PC, scheduled for release on consoles in 2019)

Hex based games have been on the rise in loads of different forms, whether with ‘Settlers of Catan’ or 2015’s ‘Armello’. This kick-started game is an interesting blend of quite a few different genres to create something with a geometric art style that’s wholly different, and incredibly fun. Some portions are rogue-lite hex based overworld turns, some are dungeon exploration with an RPG sheen. It’s a potentially confusing mix that defies convention and works well, creating something that many gamers can’t wait to get a chance to try

• Ooblets (releasing in 2018 on PC and Xbox)

If you’ve ever wanted a Stardew Valley mixed with Pokémon and sprinkled into an Adventure Time styled world: this is definitely the game for you. That may sound like a ‘too many cooks’ style of genre mixing but it might just win you over with charm and positivity alone. The object is to grow new ooblets in your garden and find them wandering the world, while also building friendships and decking out your living space; which is all you really need. More wholesome games like this please.

• Goose game
(coming at some point in 2018)

Weird, unconventional, and hilarious, there’s really no good way to put ‘Goose game’ into familiar terms. Your motivations as the mischievous goose are base at best but are tremendous fun to carry out. It’s easy to feel like Metal Gear Goose as you sneak around different gardens trying to torment a perfectly normal farmer, and it’s the spiteful goose simulator you never knew you needed.

Have a look around.
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